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Shelf Ready Perforated Strapping

Abey shelf ready perforated strapping is a high quality galvanised or stainless steel builders strapping, optimally packed for efficient stocking,sale, or storage. It has been designed with the Australian worksite in mind and has multiple uses from bracing for fencing to floors.

The strapping is manufactured to the highest standards with no sharp edges or burrs. This gives it an attractive finish as well as making it safe to handle and easy to install.

Available in multiple sizes for all applications, it is easily tensioned using the range of Abey strapping tensioners available here.

Abey Code: 15e07113108e Categories: ,



25mm x 0.6mm x 6m, 25mm x 0.8mm x 6m, 30mm x 0.8mm x 6m, 30mm x 1mm x 6m

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