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Non Structural Perforated Strapping 25mm Wide

This Australian made, high quality nonstructural perforated strapping is a versatile product ideal for a number of uses, including fencing and more. Made of durable flat strap steel, with no sharp edges or burrs, this product is easy to install, safe to handle and looks great.

Available in multiple sizes and lengths to suit all applications, this nonstructural perforated strapping provides easy tensioning with the range of Abey strapping tensioners available here. Also available – Abey structural perforated strapping, when additional bracing is required.

Abey Code: 0428 Categories: ,



25mm x 1.0mm x 15m, 25mm x 0.6mm x 30m, 25mm x 0.8mm x 15m, 25mm x 0.8mm x 30m, 25mm x 0.7mm x 15m, 25mm x 0.6mm x 6m, 25mm x 0.6mm x 15m, 25mm x 1.0mm x 30m