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Duravent Twin Skin Gas Flueing

The Duravent twin skin gas flue is a high quality double wall gas flue, built to minimise condensation and offer safe, efficient flueing of appliances. It is designed and manufactured right here in Australia to last in harsh Australian conditions, and for both commercial and residential applications.

They are available in a wide range of sizes from 75mm to 300mm to suit any application, and feature a aluminium inner pipe encased in a durable galvanised steel outer pipe. View Abey Trade’s full range of gas componentry and flue kits here.

Abey Code: 2000 Categories: ,



75 x 1500mm, 75 x 900mm, 75 x 300mm, 100 x 1500mm, 100 x 900mm, 100 x 300mm, 125 x 1500mm, 125 x 900mm, 125 x 300mm, 150 x 900mm, 150 x 300mm, 150 x 1500mm, 200 x 1500mm, 200 x 900mm, 200 x 300mm, 250 x 900mm, 250 x 450mm, 300 x 900mm, 300 x 450mm