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Gas Flex Flue Kits (Two Ply)

Abey Trade’s gas flex flue kits (two ply) are designed and manufactured here in Australia, for Australian conditions and worksites. These dual wall pipes are easier to install than rigid gas pipes and fabrications, saving you time and simplifying those difficult jobs.

They feature flexible, durable design which can easily bend around obstructions, as well as promising faster priming. Abey flex flue kits (two ply) also confirm to AS 5601-2004 for flue temperatures up to 300℃ to suit new energy efficient appliances and are available in 75 – 125mm diameter sizes.

Abey gas flex flue kit contains

4 metres of pipe
1 x cowl
1 x 900mm solid sleeve
1 x clamp

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Abey Code: 100GF4K Categories: ,



100mm, 125mm