Rangehood Flue Kits


In many homes kitchen range hoods exhausts are simply vented directly into the roof cavity. Over time cooking gasses and oils expelled will build up on the surfaces inside the roof, creating an unhygienic and unpleasant environment. Another problem that this build up of grease and grime over the years can have is the perfect environment for being a fire hazard, with the potential of fire spreading from an ignited cooking pan racing up the greasy range hood igniting this build up of grime. And if plastic conduit flueing has been used the plastic itself if ignited will actually support combustion.
Abey’s Range hood Kits contain all the components necessary for easy installation to vent those kitchen exhausts directly out into the atmosphere – not in to your roof space. Abey’s Range hood Flue Kits are of metal construction and will not support combustion. Available in to suit most application and roof types.