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McAlpine Self-Closing Waterless Trap

Since 1902, McAlpine have been innovating the global plumbing industry. McAlpine was the first company to manufacture plastic traps way back in 1957 and has not stopped innovating since! Abey Australia is the proud distributor of McAlpine’s products within Australia.

New to Abey’s McAlpine range is the MacValve Self-Closing Waterless Trap. This space saver has been designed for bathroom basins to give you back your vanity space. Bulky ugly waste traps are a thing of the past. Low profile in design, the Space Saver Waste Valve brings the pipe plumbing straight to the back of your vanity, giving you more storage space below the basin.

The valve allows air to be drawn into the discharge water pipe when negative pressures occur and eliminate the need of secondary ventilation to the discharge pipework. This allows for greater flexibility in the plumbing design.

The internal membrane opens under water pressure to allow discharge to flow freely and then closes to form a seal to prevent foul gasses entering. The membrane water seal will never dry out as it is a sealed appliance. Easy to clean, just take out the plug and membrane and clean in hot soapy water and reassemble.