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REDBACK® Strapped Knee Pads – Exclusive to Abey Australia

You may think foam or gel knee pads will do the job? Think again!

Picture you knee going into that foam or gel day after day. The point of you knee presses down on the same part of the foam or gel time after time and as the foam and gel disintegrates and loses shape, it supports the knee less and less This creates a concentrated point of pain on your knee. To ease and stop the pain, you will need kneepads that are robust, hold shape and are fully breathable.

Abey’s McAlpine Redback® Kneepads support your whole knee, not just one point, McAlpine Kneepads are comfortable so you can work on your knees for a long time. They are also machine washable and don’t degrade.

Redbacks’ patented system uses 28 flexible leaf springs embedded within a honeycomb matrix to absorb and spread weight. Unlike any other knee pads, the technology disperses pressure away from the knee to provide unrivalled comfort and protection. Professors at Staffordshire University in England have even scientifically proven that the Redback® Kneepads outperform foam pads.

See our part number KP-S on our website today for more information or ask for them at your local Plumbing or Masonry Retailer.